Triune Reflection

Explaining the Trinity to Muslims

Explaining the Trinity to Muslims: A Personal Reflection on the Biblical Teaching in Light of the Theological Criteria of Islam. by Carlos Madrigal.

This book is the best I’ve read so far in summarizing Christian teaching on both the Trinity and the Incarnation from a Biblical perspective with a view to communicating with Muslims. It introduces the Trinity using key Islamic terms in Arabic. Analogies abound. There are a few diagrams to illustrate the points. Jesus is honored, Muslim concerns are respected. Heresies are refuted. Creeds are anticipated. A glossary has key terms and the Arabic alphabet with transliteration.

What is most appreciated is that this is kept practical: if God is triune, we are able to communicate with Him and be loved by Him and receive revelation from Him and call Him Father by the Spirit in the name of the Son. This is not merely a dogmatic imposition, be an elucidation of what the biblical texts actually say. References are plenty.

I plan to share this book with friends

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