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Naming Righteousness

Disciple of Jesus = Student of Jesus himself / Follower of Jesus who is free of obligations to others and goes wherever possible to learn to imitate Jesus more perfectly. Outside of the Gospels and Acts, no one is called a disciple.
Apostle = missionary, sent by Jesus to make disciples of the nations that have yet to hear.
Believer = Someone who believes in the Lordship of Messiah Jesus.
Elder = Someone who helps lead a local gathering of believers. Usually older and married.
Servant = Helps in the functions of the local gathering and does whatever is needed to complete the good works of a local community of believers.
Pastor = someone who leads others to obey Jesus by feeding them the truth, normally in a local setting and in existing ties to a local community of believers.
Evangelist = Someone who tells the stories of how Jesus served in the first century in Israel and how he died in our place and how he reigns on high, risen as Lord.
Prophet = tells the word of God like it is. Uncompromising in their presentation of the truth, but encourages people to good works by announcing who Jesus is and what His will is in a situation.
Teacher = instructs other in the ways of Jesus and the work of the Lord.
Reader = Someone who reads the Bible to others so that they may believe.
Saint = Someone who is set apart to obey the Lord Jesus in their place of living.
Hearer = anyone who hears the word of God. Not necessarily a believer.

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Jesus Loves Members of the Islamic State

I would encourage you to join in prayer for ISIS members. That they, like Saul turned to Paul, would bear the fruit of the Spirit and would be reached in every place of the world where they are operating.

Click to access 6acfa5e8-226c-4d65-ba54-a52a6a52a689.pdf

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The ISIS Crisis & the Minor Prophets

ISIS aims to establish a caliphate and yearns to rule like an Arab Prophet.
Everywhere they turn, destruction follows them.
They in turn will be destroyed.
They claimed to have cleansed the earth of the pollution of Nineveh, but the land will also be cleansed of them, for they rule with bloodshed.
For years this region was filled with oppression of justice and restriction on the proclamation of the Gospel, as a result, the good news of Peace is withheld and war is loosed across the lands.
Israel is weighing whether they will allow freedom in the land the Lord has assigned to them.
Meanwhile, refugees are running from terror and finding the fear of the Lord to be their delight.

Egypt was once like a beast on the river, then it was subdued by a beast from the desert. Now, the kingdom of God is spreading from Egypt to Assyria, with Israel as the third partner. Peace will come to those in Judea and Samaria when arms are put down and fences are replaced with face to face worship of the Lord. Jews and Arabs will reconcile in the Spirit Who Gives Life. The Prince will visit his peoples again. He will ride out against the beast marked on head and hand with the number of a man-made system that rules with lawlessness and is anti-Messiah. Claiming to be the cause of righteousness, they are in fact counter-Christ, so one Word is felling them as nations turn away in disgust.

The wilderness will bloom with the rain of the King. The Law that leads to liberty will bind the beast that entertains the false prophet. Mystery Babylon will fall into the sea, and the sea itself will be washed away by the blood of the lamb who shall cut down the proud mockers.

Then the gentle and the humble, those who are have bound themselves as true slaves of God, shall inherit the earth. The meek will scavenge the treasures of those who measured out their wrath. Joy will be made full when these treasures, from all nations, are laid before the Lord. The Shepherd who laid down His life will lead His lambs, his saviors up Zion. He will hold dear all those who rejoice on the heights, all those who hide in His holy temple.

O, let us gaze at the beauty of the Lord in His temple! Let us behold His majesty, trusting His Hand, following His eyes which roam throughout the earth looking for those who are wholeheartedly seeking to serve Him. Come Lord. Come.

Ruin small dreams and selfish ambitions, establish your desire in our hearts.

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Prayer for Prisoners of War

Have you ever felt the least bit sorry for prisoners of war, either in Gitmo or held by ISIS?

Pray for your enemies and also for those held captive by the Islamic state of mind.

“Jesus, please send messengers to visit those being tortured by both sides. Deliver prisoners from the evil of their own hearts and the evil of their captors hands. Visit them Yourself as well. Be with them in the prisons of their enemies, for You know how best to serve them, Lord, for You Yourself were held captive and tortured on an old rugged cross.”


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