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Prayers for Henry Beaudine

Written June 15, 2013
“I was not there today;
But, God, give grace that’s gain.
His valve should have no hole
so that his heart is full.
That wounds would heal and mend;
His blood should flow again.
That pains would go. Amen.”

Post Script:
June 25, 2013
I received a report last night that my nephew is eating much better. He may eventually catch up with his weight. God is clearly at work. All praise to His name.

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Angela’s Aspirations

“God, steal the nails of rust within my heart.”

I wonder why God saves and heals
… perhaps because He works our weal.
I wonder why faith flounders, fails
… perhaps my flesh is weak and ails.
But when my heart’s aflame with trust
Then God does what He said He must:
The Lord comes near, reveals …
Christ frees us from our jails,
and lifts us from prayer’s hush.
I still my hurt
and wounded heart
in Him.

Psalm 46:10a

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To the Jews First and also to the Muslims

Israel & Her Neighbors will turn to the Lord!

Israel & Her Neighbors will turn to the Lord!

The priorities in Scripture, are: to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Some have noted that there is a historical pattern for the Good News to spread from Jerusalem west. Indeed, some Chinese even hope to carry the message of Jesus back to Jerusalem.

Here are a couple of links that connect things to this:

While historically, there has been some hostility between Israel and some Muslims, there is now a move by some Muslim religious leaders to condemn Holocuast deniers. Click Here to see the full story.

In Revelations, it addresses those non-Jews who claimed covenantal continuity with the Jews but were in fact not Jews. “Jew” derives from Judah, which means “praise” or “praised one”. Muslims who follow the teachings of Muhammed were for many years called “Muhammedan.” Muhammed means praised. “Muhammedans” then means “little praised ones” I.e. the same meaning as the Jews.

Are we then seeing the fulfillment of prophecy? Those who are circumcised and claim to follow the proper law and offering praise are honoring the Jews as the praised people.

It is odd that they are actually bowing towards Mecca though.

God is bringing about the reconciliation of the nations, but the perfect reconciliation happens when Muslims identify not by Muhammed, but by the Jewish Messiah. Then they will not only have the name of submitting to God, but actually be reconciled to God as they would be reconciled to their enemies.

In Israel’s New Disciples, you can read how many Israeli Jews are finding renewed vision to carry the Good News to both Jew and Arab in the land of promise. Indeed, more and more Jewish leaders in Israel seem to believe that before Israel turns to the Lord, there will be a significant turning to the Lord from among the neighboring Arab lands.

What would it mean if first Arabs turned to the Lord in increasing numbers and started evangelizing Israel? Jews would be provoked to jealousy to serve the Lord & believe the Good News.

What if then, Jews believed the Good News and started laboring to share the good News with their Muslims neighbors? Life from the dead!! It would require a miracle for Muslims to turn in such large numbers to the Lord, along with Jews. But God is able to do such miracles. I believe He will.

It will not be because of well planned strategies, but because of God’s mercy in calling many to pray and call on His name. Jesus will claim the hearts of many. He will be honored. The time is drawing near. Are you ready?

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