Letter to the Arabian Saints

I wish I could be there with you because I wish to share in some small way in the celebration and seeking aking place in the region.  While I have a deep burden for the land there and have spent myself for our cousins locally, I am not a leader of any work, but the least servant of all. Yet I venture to share a word that has been regularly bubbling up within my heart.  I have shared it with others and they have been encouraged, though puzzled at first, so I will put my head on the block and share it with you as well trusting that a gift will be imparted. I trust you will remember the prophecy about Arabia found in Isaiah.

Within exactly one year all the splendor of Kedar will come to an end.  Initially, the time of prayer for PTAP was set @ 1 year, then the leadership wisely took counsel and expanded this emphasis to an until … emphasis. It has been fruitful: churches have begun, boldness has increased, and governments are in transition. Humility is coming … but there are also elements that are opposed to the freedom we celebrate in God’s Gift. 

As the prophecy says before that,  Here is a message about Dumah: (Which when translated means Silence) Someone calls to me from Seir, (at the north west part of Arabia.) “Watchman, what is left of the night? Watchman, what is left of the night?” The watchman replies, “Morning is coming, but then night. If you want to ask, ask; come back again.” Notice that morning is coming.  This is good news to us all.  God is prophesying about silence here and night is the time of silence. Morning is coming with all the air is alive with sound and waking.  When the vendors are selling and the birds are singing. Jesus himself may have ventured out to Seir at one point. Herod was from that area, and Jesus was reclaiming the lost sons of Abraham. Seir is Edom is Esau. Esau is from the seed of Abraham, though in terms of blessing he was silent, he cried to no avail.

But we are not of the seed of Edom, but of Christ—not of the seed of flesh, but of the seed of faith.  What is this word then? What is the hope for those who want to see the pride of violence fall? We ask the Lord, we ask the watchman on the walls, even Jesus who guards our souls in the night: what is left of the night? “How much longer?” cried out the saints from under the altar, beneath the castle [qasr] walls & streets.  Here is the word of the Lord: Morning is coming!  Oh, we see the sun coming on the horizon! The Sun will rise with healing in His wings! The broken cisterns will be mended. The polluted wells will be redug.  The confused cities will be ordered in the way of the Lord. The sick will have a Holy Hospital. The dead will be raised to life again.

Oh, but caution, night too is coming. With the sifting out & storing of the wheat, we know that the chaff and stubble will be burned.  The fields must be plowed up season after season. The prunings must be thrown into the fire. Night also is coming, after the morning and noon. Everyone who wants to live a life of godliness in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Be alert & watchful … and pray.  Are you inclined at all to pray, then pray. Do you want to ask? Ask, and keep on asking. Then ask some more until the day dawns when there will be no more night and no more moon. For the Lord God Almighty will be the Light of that great City and the Lamb will be the lamp. The bride is being prepared to inherit in the Castle. She must be clean,  so let her anoint and cleanse herself with Castile Soap, by C.onfessing, A.doring, S.upplying our needs, T.hanking, I.nterceeding, L.istening, and E.during in prayer while S.eeking O.ut A.bundant P.romises.

If we do, then we will find a fortress for our soul to be held holy within. And the gates of hell will not prevail as we go out in glad parade for the bride of Christ to come into the castle of His home.

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