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God loves good & hates evil.

It is a tried and at times trite saying that we are to hate sin and love the sinner.

But what does God do when someone loves sin?

That is where the wrath of God comes in.

And that is where much controversy arises in modern times.

In some cases, it is a matter of grown adults acting like children by pretending that all their dreams, whatever their dreams, can and should come true in the way that they want them to be fulfilled.


While I too desire a wonderful life, often the wonderful life God has reserved for us is not found on this earth. It has been this way since the days of Adam & Eve. We ain’t in Eden any more.

Obedience may not sound like that exciting of a thing, but it is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest. Obedience can mean pain in this life, it can mean suffering, it can mean heart ache and loneliness. But obedience leads to life.

So am I suggesting you obey a stark law or demand or a rigid code?

By no means.

We are to obey the Lord. If you will tune in to the Lord Jesus and learn from the Word of God, the Bible, and listen to the Holy Spirit, you will hear the voice of God. If you hear what is talked about among God’s people throughout the ages, and not just in some splinter group or some self-sanctified religious club, you will hear the preaching of Christ.

Jesus is sovereign over all cultures, lifestyles, hobbies, histories, regions, and families. It is only when we yield to His instruction, that our hearts will be set at peace and our relations will be governed by the will of God.

Do you still want to taste of the knowledge of good & evil & be like God? Realize that if you decide what is right and wrong, what is good and evil, you will be disappointed; but if you turn to the Lord, He will heal your heart.

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Resurrection praised above the heroes of pagan peoples’ past:
Conquering fears, false confidence, and every sin.
The death prick was plucked out and wounds were healed
through him who was scourged for us and rose again.
Bearing burdens of all who’ve fallen into sin,
Lifting all who start to trust in Him,
He carried the beam outside the gates
and emptied the tomb for those who’d rest
and wait for the First Day to come.
He rose with healing wings
and simple, saving outstretched arms.
Light shines and darkness flees.
The day extends and terror ends.
Soon the nations will bend their knees.

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