Prayer is Work

When we pray in love for all and with passion, we are offering up a fragrant incense before God.

Prayer is hard work. Not because you get paid for it, but because of the effort required to set aside all other priorities and focus on the Kingdom Agenda at hand. It may seem more boring than a board meeting, but that would only because your board (you, any angels or friends you may invite) have lost sight of the vision or have displaced the Chairman of the Board of prayer: Jesus. Wiithout Jesus chairing the meeting and the Holy Spirit leading the discussion, you are bound to accomplish nothing. The Father is waiting to hear your requests.

So ask!

And keep asking and focus!  Focus means that when something distracts you from asking, you set the distraction aside and ask again for the same thing, though perhaps with different words. You address the same issue until it is resolved.

You are on a long journey in prayer: You want God to accomplish something. You cannot do it on your own, so do not pretend that you can! You MUST seek. Look intensely for what God is doing. Don’t lose heart if at first it doesn’t seem to be revealed where God is at work. Keep looking. Keep searching.  If you don’t find food in the fridge, you go to the cupboards. If it is not in the cupboards, you go to the store. If the store is too expensive, you go to the food bank. If the food bank is closed, you ask your neighbor. YOU MAY FAST FOR A WHILE BUT YOU WILL DIE WITHOUT FOOD.  AND GOD DOESN’T WANT YOU TO DIE, SO HE WILL FEED YOU … WITH MANNA IF NECESSARY! Likewise, you must seek God for His answer to your present situation.

Maybe your dreams have been deferred. Maybe you seem to have conquered nothing. Maybe your speeches are the summaries of silence. Go knocking on doors. Pound the pavement! Hit the road! DON”T GIVE UP! God will answer when you knock on His door. The gates of hell themselves shall be opened before you and you will be able to see captives go free, but you must ask and ask and ask and ask and ask … and keep on asking until God shows Himself mighty on your behalf!

So what about those Gates of Hell? What if you are knocking in Jesus Name and you happen to be knocking on the gates of hell? Guess what, the Good News is that God will not loose snakes and scorpions on you.  No, He will tame them and enable you to trample on them. Beasts will submit to you. You will marvel at the Lord’s doing.

You say, ah, I have a few neighbors whose doors are surely the gates of hell. I should go trample on them. I’ll pray that my neighbors will submit to me & my ways.

Watch out! In the same way you judge others you will be judged. The moment you go trying to trample on them you will find yourself being trampled upon. and that would be no fun.

No, we must bless others in our prayers and actions … and then we ourselves will be blessed. Give and it will be given unto you. We are called to live in a mutual benefit society.


How sweet life smells when offered up in prayer!

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