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Hello world!

Today I found out how easy it is to start a WordPress site. Now to see what the capacities are.  The two folk who urged me to be proactive get on the map are the dynamic duo of Zach the computer science guy and Michelle the designer. Encouragement from the saints is always appreciated.

I can’t help but wonder: Would Jesus clear the courts of the internet or would He make use of them? Would He meet the nations in the periphery of the web or would He fast from technology?

As I read the Good News in the Bible, I must conclude that He would clear the courts of our mind and would minister to those who are addicted to .xxx sites and to searchers of all sorts.  I think He would use the net to build community and make disciples and make opportunities for seekers to find Him face to face.  If you ever care to meet me face to face, contact me via the net. I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. I’m poor and love the lost, the least, and the last because He loved me to the uttermost.

Jesus is Lord of the net and ministered to those who were ill in Bethsaida, the House of Nets.!search/Bethsaida

Good news & healing came to the house of nets, but judgement came to those who refused to repent. Believe the Good News … or else only bad news is left. May Jesus redeem this culture.

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