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Movements of Desire

I’m pulled from death and taught to walk
You hold me safe. My lips now talk.
You stole my chains and set me free.
You robbed the dark. Now I can see.
“Captive by my abiding grace,
Your former paths have been replaced.”

I taste a treat and first say, “Ahh!”
Too much I eat and then say, “Blah!”
I back away and have no more.
Is this the way I treat my Lord?
“Though this is how you’ve dealt with sin;
Come here, my child, again and again.”

A woman holds my eye, my ear,
My heart, my hand, and so my years.
But if all love is but for her,
I find my faith is weak, unsure.
“Though for another your heart yearns
For Me My child, come let it burn.”

Your flow of life has made me right.
All else is still. You share your life.
All else is dark. I see your light.
Lord, now I know that you are right.
For I’m in Christ, and Christ in I.
In this one way, I’m satisfied.

In deepest need comes compulsion.
From sin I’m freed with deep revulsion.
More than my other deep attraction,
In God alone is satisfaction.
In all movements of my desire.
Lord, draw me nearer, draw me higher.

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Are They Really in a Better Place?

The death of a loved one is hard. Pondering one’s own demise is hardly any easier from a natural perspective, so I have been a bit hesitant to raise this issue in so public a forum. Yet, I have heard it too many times, and today, my Bible reading raised this issue to the very forefront of my mind:

Often when someone dies, people mourn by saying, “At least, they are in a better place now.”

Are they?

Do all dogs go to heaven?

Or do dogs merely go into the earth, never to be remembered at the end of the age?

On a more significant level: do humans who refuse the glorious good news of Jesus Christ enter into peace on the last day?

OR was Isaiah right when he quoted God as saying, “There is no peace for the wicked.”

It certainly can assuage fears of the terrible termination of life at the least. At worst, such false assurances regarding those who are without Christ lulls the living into a false assurance that everything is gonna be alright … When in fact, it will not be alright for those who are not right with God.

There are some who like to talk about being witnesses but are not honest about the dread of falling into the wrathful hands of the Living God. Yes, the Lord is loving, but for those who refuse to acknowledge their need for him, only wrath is stored up.

Sadly, churches are drifting away from being honest about this aweful truth. People like to talk about the “fear of the Lord” as though it is just an exageration for respect for some large being. Kind of like you would feel in a giant redwood forest.

Friends, the fear of the Lord is real. Those who are not walking in faith with Jesus will face the terrors of eternity if they do not repent!

Have you consoled yourself with a generic, everybody goes to heaven, kind of conversation? Let me warn you: You are deceived.

Have you lied to yourself by saying, “I deserve heaven”? Wake up o sleeper and Christ will shine on you! God alone deserves heaven. For all other creatures it is His loving mercy which alone draws people into His presence.

Prepare your heart to enjoy God’s mercy: Don’t get drunk with wine. Don’t sleep around. Don’t get into agry fits with others. Forgive. Trust. Hope. Love.

Are you wealthy? Share what you have with others.

Are you healthy? Serve the sick.

Are you happy? Listen to the cries of the sorrowing.

Are you busy? Slow down and read the Bible and pray.

Seek God while He may be found. If you are reading this, there may yet be time for you to repent and be restored to the King of the Universe.

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Keys to Building the Kingdom of God

Also known as saturation church planting or disciple-making movements:

1. Saturate our mind with biblical truth.
2. Saturate our hearts with praise.
3. Saturate our souls with prayer.
4. Saturate our lives with faith.
5. Saturate our time with hope.
6. Saturate our homes with love.
7. Saturate our plans with unity.
8. Saturate our towns with the Holy Spirit.

Then, we will see the seed of the gospel planted
and churches begin to saturate society, here, and everywhere

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Today I participated in a NAMI Conference for Washtenaw County, and this seems appropriate to pass the publishing gate. Not all who suffer get this bad, but sometimes this is the only way to get out of the fog. A quick shout out to all those that I got to talk to there. I especially enjoyed hearing the fellow play a bit of Bach.

Lesson for the day from all those I got to hear:
Those of us with mental mazes are not social problems,
we are social pioneers and can be mentally amazing. But I digress.

Dedicated to those who suffer from chronic mental illness.

As winter comes
and days are shorter, colder, and less friendly,
I huddle up, hugging blankets,
hoping to love, and be loved in return.

And when nothing happens but the dull passage of time,
I see a choice:
to hide forever digging deeper into darkness
or to rage against it all.
I have already hidden,
. . . but if I were to rage, would I rage against the walls?
or would I rage until I slid beneath in cowers?
or would I rage against the Living God?
or would I rage against some foe so tangible to me,
invisible to you?

The walls would yield till I fell cold.
My energy must not be wasted, for there is too little.
My rage must not be spent in ways as foolish as despair.
The Living God has long withstood my rage,
and all my hammering is empty,
looking so much like rebellion
that I have come to despise myself,
yet I shall see the face of God.
So if I raged against the foe who hides
and preys on weaker souls,
would "they" call me crazy?
Would I give up too soon, too short of victory?
Would I be crowned a hero for the day?

They have already called me crazy.
Awakening to victory against the enemy is worth
a thousand yesterdays of failure.
I have no choice but to rage in a hidden, friend-filled place
my love exploding gladly in the face of fear.
till God rewards with rich, undying, open grace.

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Alphabet of People for Prayer in Washtenaw

Here are some of the people

Sing of the nations to the Lord and sing to the Lord before the nations.

Sing of the nations to the Lord and sing to the Lord before the nations.

Here are some of the people that Mert has reached out to in Washtenaw County in Jesus’ Name and who need prayer full grace & salvation

Next time you sing through the Alphabet Song, remember these:

American Indians & Arabs & Asians.
Blacks & businessmen & beggars & the brethren.
Criminals & college professors.
Developmentally challenged & doctors.
English as a Second Language Students & engineers.
French speakers & foreign scholars.
Gay men & government workers & Gentiles.
Hispanic immigrants & the homeless.
Indonesians & Indians & intellectuals from Asia.
Jews & jokesters & judgmental hypocrites.
Koreans & kids with their parents.
Lost souls & lesbians & liberals.
Maninka & Muslims & Mormons & Mandaeans.
New residents & newly married.
Ordinary folks & over-achievers.
Portugese & Pakistani & Pharmaceutical reps.
Quiet leaders & quick salesmen.
Responsive believers and rebellious teens.
Sikhs & Somali & sinners and saints
Teachers & tradesmen & tender-hearted listeners.
Undergraduate students & unrepentant people.
Vain self-seekers and virtuous sisters in Christ.
Watchtwower Society members & witches.
X-ray technician & eX-addicts.
Young Christians & yesterdays’ leaders.
Zanily clothed and zealouts for Jesus.

Now I’ve shared my life with thee, won’t you pray along with me?

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Evangelism: Proclamation and Friendship

There are two primary ways evangelism takes place: proclamation and friendship. Biblical discipleship which was practiced by Jesus and Paul according to the Gospels and Acts involve both.

Proclamation is the public heralding or annoucing. Today, this may be done not only in gatherings, but also on university campuses and on the internet. These are largely a monologue with an invitation to dialogue with an interest in finding the truth. Here is the Truth: Jesus. Do you want Him? Are you interested.

Friendship Evangelism takes place when people intentially enter into friendships with the goal of sharing the life of Jesus in word and deed. Now, if a there is a friendship, but no evangelism or spiritual dialogue takes place, there is really no evangelism, just friendship with the world. It is when that cup of coffee or tea time is mixed with faith in the Truth of Christ, then you have friendship evangelism.

Often, in the ministries of Jesus and Paul and their associates, Proclamation in the public gathering place was to be followed by a frienship or friendships that led to Jesus and a life with Him. I.e. what we would call Friendship Evangelism.

These are two peas in a pod. They belong together. Knocking on doors is not opposed to making friends with your neighbors. Rather one is a way of scanning wide, the other is a way of going deep. Common sense says to fish you must be on the lake. It takes a work of Jesus to fill your nets at just the right time and place.

Persistence is the key.

I learned this from a friend who made no profession of faith in Christ. He asked me: Do you know the key to fishing?

I guessed a wide variety of things: weather, timing, chance, bait, nets … No, no, no, no, no.

Then the friend who was with me guessed: Patience.


Do you want to know Jesus? Do you want others to know Jesus? It will take patience. Or, in it’s more english root: Long-suffering. Lots of difficulties will come up, but Jesus will overcome. Look to Him and He will eventually answer all your questions and bring in all the questing.

So: as I learned in sales: spread out wide and send your roots deep. It is the same in Christian Missions and the same with the Love of God: Deep & Wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep & wide.

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Muslimah Madonna??

It appears that Madonna, the raunchy pop singer, is studying Islam.

My wife is from Indonesia and describes it like this: women get famous as “artists” (singers, movie stars, etc) and then they choose to put on a show of outward virtue by wearing the hijab and sunglasses.

Women reveal all, and then as if to cover their tracks, they put on a little veil.

Now, let me be clear: I am all for modesty. I’m all for godliness. But when religion becomes another part of a multimedia show to sell music or movies, then it has missed the boat. Religion is not supposed to be a marketing or money making tool.

Faith is a matter of the heart. The early missionaries advocated that women not only be modest in their outward adornment, but to put on gentleness and a quiet spirit. Humility is true beauty.

Does God equate Messiah Jesus with Moses with Mohammed like her beau equates being a good Muslim with being a good Jew with being a good Christian. These are not all the same.

And even if they were, would they equate to Madonna’s antics?

There is a holiness without which no one will see God. No one. We must put on the Holiness of the Spirit of Jesus. This is not a holiness I can conjure up by certain rituals and practices. It is not good character derived from elaborate classes.

Holiness is a sign of the Holy Spirit in our lives convicting the world of sin, righteousness, and of judgement to come.

Do you admit that in your own flesh dwells no good thing? Are you a sinner?

Do you know the righteousness of Jesus? Do you know that He is right, when everyone else is wrong?

Do you know and acknowledge and persuade people in view of the fact that one day all will have to stand before Jesus to be judged whether they lived and died for Him or not? Are you living in awe of the Majestic Messiah?

My prayer is that more Muslims will read the New Testament (the Injeel) and discover the person of Jesus. He is the only one who can take us from being good for nothing to being perfect on that final day.

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Yemeni Jews and Jesus’ Plan

May “all those Jews from Sheba (ie. contemporary Yemen) come” fulfilling prophecy. Even more, may they praise the Lord Jesus as the saints in the land of promise minister to them. Isaiah 60:6

There is a new day dawning for Israel. Perhaps all those from Sheba will soon up and leave to make Aliyah. The survivors will scatter from Sheba, and the Savior will announce salvation at the ends of the earth.

Good News will come to Yemen. Be aware. Watch: Jews are connecting to Jesus in record numbers. There is more Christian witness going on in Israel by Jews themselves than ever before. More and more Muslims are realizing that the Holocaust was real. That it is wrong to persecute.

Even the famed Dr. Oz acknowledged the role of the Jews as special and the suffering as unjustifiable.

The curtain is drawn back. Oz is no longer in control. A greater Power is at work, even the most Praised A-Z.

They will come from the ends of the world and the nations acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus and learn the law from Jesus Himself soon at the feet of the King. Jerusalem will one day be a place where peace is founded.

I remember the first evening after the first Sabbath in September of 2013: I was with a group of people from nations derived from families around the world celebrating my 10 years of marriage. It was mentioned that Syria was entangled in war and that it looked like the American President Obama wanted to extend the war and American involvement in the land of Damascus. We paused the discussion and prayed. The conversation shifted into more quiet things and we forgot about it.

Later, one of the men from the church I participate in mentioned to me, “God answered your prayers!”

“What did I pray?”

“You prayed that we wouldn’t get involved in Syria.”

Folks, if we will begin to pray for the Lord to work in Yemen, the ends of the earth, He will. IF we will pray for Jews and Muslims to reconcile in Messiah Jesus, they will. If we will pray for heaven to meet earth in a new world, it will happen.

God’s word is true. He promised a new creation, it is coming. He is coming. Jesus will return. He is not waiting for the Mahdi or human manipulation. He is waiting for us to get right with Him. He is waiting for us to listen to Him.

Jesus is waiting for you. Are you waiting on Jesus? Are you serving the King who will soon reign? Are you preparing to meet the Prince of peace?

Peace will come. Jesus is calling you. He suffered for you. He poured out His life for you. He calls from on high speaking peace to those who are far and peace to those who are near. Will you come to Him?

Jesus cries in quiet whispers of the night.
Jesus weeps at funerals where hope is not held out.
Jesus sobs when youth resist His word of grace.
Jesus tears up when the religious insist on shrouds.
Jesus died for you.
Jesus loves you.
Jesus lives for you.
Jesus chuckles when the church insists upon His promises.
Jesus mocks when nations resist His awesome law of love.
Jesus laughs as newsmongers gossip about wars unwaged.
Jesus smiles when babes reach out to Heaven for His touch.

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