Divided Loves: One Another and the World


In Christ, when strangers are a one another,

feet get washed, refreshed, and bodies fed

with festive, hearty food. The poor are clothed.

Those once alone become all sisters, brothers,

saints–together we taste living bread.

Though once ashamed, now praise becomes our robe

of righteousness. A word of hope is shared

among the brotherhood. A word of love

is given as a sacred trust. The bond

of unity now proves that we are cared

for by the King. Around, the world may shove.

But those immersed within the sacred pond

will find a gentle, just and perfect peace,

for from our sins we’ve been set free: released.

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Naming Righteousness

Disciple of Jesus = Student of Jesus himself / Follower of Jesus who is free of obligations to others and goes wherever possible to learn to imitate Jesus more perfectly. Outside of the Gospels and Acts, no one is called a disciple.
Apostle = missionary, sent by Jesus to make disciples of the nations that have yet to hear.
Believer = Someone who believes in the Lordship of Messiah Jesus.
Elder = Someone who helps lead a local gathering of believers. Usually older and married.
Servant = Helps in the functions of the local gathering and does whatever is needed to complete the good works of a local community of believers.
Pastor = someone who leads others to obey Jesus by feeding them the truth, normally in a local setting and in existing ties to a local community of believers.
Evangelist = Someone who tells the stories of how Jesus served in the first century in Israel and how he died in our place and how he reigns on high, risen as Lord.
Prophet = tells the word of God like it is. Uncompromising in their presentation of the truth, but encourages people to good works by announcing who Jesus is and what His will is in a situation.
Teacher = instructs other in the ways of Jesus and the work of the Lord.
Reader = Someone who reads the Bible to others so that they may believe.
Saint = Someone who is set apart to obey the Lord Jesus in their place of living.
Hearer = anyone who hears the word of God. Not necessarily a believer.

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Weakly Gathering

There are really only two times in the week when you need to gather:

1. When you believe you are really sick and need help.
2. When you want to help someone else.

Matthew 18:20

The more you want to help, the more you need help, the more you gather.

Gathering is an opportunity for growth. Growth comes not only by frequency, but also by increasing size and multiplication of gatherings.

Some focus on depth of growth alone. Interesting subject matter. Profound truth. Rigorous workouts.

Others focus on size alone: expansive invitations, bigger meeting places.

More wise is using these first two as a means to multiplication and bringing all of life under good order.

This progressive growth of frequency, depth, size, number, and impact of the family of God gathering is what is intended by the advance of the Kingdom of God.

What will you do today to grow the family of God?

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