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Trusting in One not Myself

I want to trust that I am honest, but I too often break my word.

I want to trust , but when all is broken, I begin to hurt.

I want to trust, but when I hurt, I fear.

I want to trust, but when I fear, I feel alone.

I want to trust, but when I am alone, I lust for companionship.

I want to trust, but when I yearn for intimacy, I start to groan.

I want to trust, but when I groan, I start to whine.

I want to trust, but I come to the end of myself, I look beyond the dirt.

That’s where I stop, I trust in the One who left the earth:

I must simply admit that I am only Mert.

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The Work & Ways of Jesus.

Jesus gently, faithfully, sov’reignly helps:
drawing us unto Himself.

Jesus gladly, lovingly, graciously saves,
lifting us out of the waves.

Jesus freely, powerfully, joyfully heals
as long as His name is revealed.

Jesus rose again yesterday and always lives:
this is the life that He gives.

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i see a person alone
i approach to share a thought
for them to express their deepest need
in all honesty
i hear a hint of pure love
in this new friendship
they enter into dialogue
or leave when they are ready
we learn a little bit from life
we are not parted though we leave the space
we found a meeting a brand new face
every conversation a bit of spice.

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