A Dialogue Between Love & Beloved

Love, why are you so hard to find?
Beloved, why do you look so hard for me when I am with you?
Love, if you are with me, why must I cry out to you before you do anything?
Beloved, have you ever asked me to do something, that I did not do?
Love, if you will help me, why do you take so long to come?
Beloved, remember what happened has happened when I came before?
Love, but you didn’t do what I expected you to!
Beloved, nor did you honor me as Love.
If you are Love, why did you not defend me?
Did you listen to what I had said?
I submitted to you already, Love, and you did nothing to save me from harm!
Did I not suffer with you?
But why must I suffer?
Why do you make me suffer?
Love, I hate you!
Beloved, you are my only beloved.
I will abandon you!
I hate divorce.
I curse you, Love!
And so Love was rejected. The life of Love was spilled out and spread through all the earth, so great was the life of Love. After many years, Love invited the Beloved home, and kept her chaste in his Castle. At last, she will cry out, in the midst of her enemies:
Love, I need you I cannot live another Day without You!
And Love will meet her. What a rapturous moment that will be, when Love and Beloved shall meet and all the earth shall come together to celebrate their love forever. Words cannot describe such joy, so I will leave you to dream with me of such glory.
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Washing Dishes

Pots and pans seem to understand

that the best way to wash your hands

is not to hold a royal trial of the King,

but to humbly serve in love and sing

while feeding those who work and hurt

and scrubbing away the world’s dirt.

Love is willing to serve in simple ways

while deflecting to Jesus all the praise.

Quiet at home, proclaiming abroad

listening to the angel’s laud

of the Lord. They serve all night

yet enduring not an ounce of fright,

for at the break of day, the dishes

will return along with prayers and wishes

over eggs and croissants made at home

before we go out again to our local Rome.



Happy Valentine’s day to the woman who’s dishes I have washed dishes for nearly fourteen years.

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Divided Loves: Marital Love

We must consider God: He was not bored

when He created Man and Adam’s wife;

The Maker made His image. In fair Eve,

our King’s intent: the gift of holy life.

The two He joins, our lives God gently weaves:

Our souls, His saints; Himself our Sovereign Lord.

Love intertwined: the Church and Jesus Christ.

His Word dives our soul from spirit. Sword

of God now making what went wrong alright

through perfect grace. He clothes with more than leaves

and what was torn, in Christ is now restored.

The pains of ancient times, our Lord relieves.

Our Father gives the Spirit as our Seal,

and thus our Husband Jesus truly heals.

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Resist & oppose HR 3185 which violates the law of love – An Open Letter to all God-fearing Americans

Love at times seems hateful. Not that true love is hateful, rather, it -appears hateful to those who love sin.-

For example, when a mother tells her children to stay away from the jar of sugar, she is hoping that they will not eat the whole thing and poison their systems. When a father tells his children to listen to their mother, he intends their good. The children may say, “You hate me.” In fact, the parents are doing the most loving thing.

In the same way, sometimes loving speech can seem hateful. Love makes us do things that seem foolish.

In today’s environment, people don’t like to hear that what they are doing is wrong. If you tell someone that what they are doing is wrong, they will say you are being hateful.

Our Forefathers were well aware that society’s can become corrupt, and so they quickly passed the First Amendment which guarantees Freedom of Religion, including the exercise thereof and the freedom of speech.

Religion by nature states that certain things are right and other things are wrong. There is nothing wrong with this aspect of religion in itself. Why? Because there is God who has already given His Word on what is right. If God says something is wrong, it is wrong.

Right and wrong are not decided ultimately by the citizens of these united states. Rather, truth is decided by God. As the Declaration of Independence held, we are all created equal by God.

The sad fact is that we have all equally gone astray.
There is none that does right.
Each has gone to his own wicked way.
The way of peace this nation as a nation no longer knows.

If you doubt me, ask even the Muslims. The Islamic world is on a jihad against the free world, subtle at times and at other times very violent. Islam can only succeed when a nation forfeits her freedom.

When America cuts loose from her moral restraints, jihad will break loose on America in dimensions the news has yet to report.

God is giving America an opportunity to repent, though. If we will speak up in love for what is right and against death and against sin and against every manner of evil and wickedness, then again will justice, peace and truly liberated love flourish as it is expressed lawfully when the word of God is honored in this land again.

We need to protect the freedom to speak against moral and sexual sins like homosexual behavior so that the rest of the freedoms of society may flourish. Otherwise, America will perish like Sodom & Gomorrah as a nation, but the remnant who clings to the truth of God’s word will be preserved, though they run to the Middle East to find refuge in the desert and on the distant islands where the deserts and coastlands shall bloom once more.

depending on the Messiah as the only true Prince of Peace,
Mert Hershberger
Ypsilanti, Michigan

If the above seems extreme in light of future history, feel free to disregard me as a poet. If the truth of God’s word is fulfilled, then it will have proven to be prophetic. If you don’t believe me, read the Bible. If you don’t believe the teaching of Jesus, please comment below.

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Money & Compassion: What is Marriage, What is Love?

Several mistakes in this “debate” as I listened to it:

A. Suze Orman attempts to justify her homosexual feelings/actions for another woman through her monetary success. Money does not prove anything. If it did, Al Capone and the crooks who successfully steel millions would be saints. Money is not the basis for right & wrong. Money is not the basis for marriage.

A2. Suze bases her argument on estate taxes (and she makes not claim to poverty, to my knowledge.) But then says that this is not really the issue when the Ryan Anderson states that he and the Heritage Foundation share the position calling for the abolition of the unjust estate tax.

B. There is something wrong with Suze Orman. She is a sinner … like everyone else was in that room, not to mention in the world. Therefore, Suze’s choices do not prove anything about what should be legally endorsed or not.

C. Suze basis her definition of marriage on monetary status: from that perspective all of the following could be eventually: polygamy, incest, herbogamy, pontigamy.

D. Love leads to life in terms of reproduction, not merely adoption.

E. America is defined as tolerant & loving … forget the liberty to state truth based on what God said & based on historical realities.

F. A very small, very biased sample size (the studio audience) is used to represent an entire nation of well over 315,000,000 people. Hmmm… not a very sophisticated way to prove a point.

G. Suze calls Ryan Anderson uneducated, when in fact he is well educated, being a Ph.D. from Notre Dame and graduating with highest honors from Princeton. She then recants and states that while he may have his facts collected and correct, he is wrong. She then lifts herself up and says she has “compassion” on him. That is a lie. She has no compassion for him, otherwise she would hear Ryan out. She is arrogant because she judges as intolerant while not wanting to tolerate him.

If she truly felt compassion for him, she would perhaps be moved to grant Ryan Anderson’s organization the Heritage Foundation a gift of substance. This is the most ugly kind of love: it boasts of itself, while giving not gifts; it does not lead to future generations, but propagates lies; it claims to be tolerant, but cannot stand to hear the truth.

IF this is America, then America will fall. And like Babylon of old, it will be a great fall. Like Rome, it will fall utterly when the rottenness in Washington, New York, and Hollywood have pooled together into a cesspool of corruption that leads to the pit. Woe to this America with a futile, empty compassion! Woe to this America that calls evil good and good evil. Woe to this America that conspires against righteousness!

Is there hope for America? Yes, if people in America will repent and trust in Jesus and humble themselves and delight themselves in the redeemer rather than in the ridiculous notions of their own morality. There is hope, ready to be had, if only Americans will call out to Jesus as their friend and will acknowledge their own sins and turn from the sins of our fathers. There is hope if we allow the Word of God once again to govern society and look not only to vain tradition but to the Scriptures which are able to equip us for every good work.

If there is a lack of good work this year, it is because we have failed to look to Jesus to provide it.
If there are hungry people in the world, it is because we have fed ourselves rather than sharing.
If there are lonely people, it is because we have lacked real compassion & real love that reaches beyond marriage into all nations.

I must go now.

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Love Poem

Genesis 2:20-25 (LEB based)
The man gave names to every domesticated animal and to the birds of the sky and to all the animals of the land. But for the man there was not found a helper as his opposite. Yahweh God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man. While he slept, He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in the place of it. Then Yahweh God fashioned the rib which he had taken from the man into a woman and brought her to the man. And the man said,
“This one is now bone from my bones
and flesh from my flesh;
this one shall be called ‘Woman,’
for this one was taken from man.”
Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cling to his wife, and they shall be as one flesh. The man and his wife, both of them, were naked, and they were not ashamed.

For most men, finding a wife is not an easy process. Now, perhaps some immoral men find a second wife easier to get, but it was not this way from the beginning. In the beginning, it was God’s design that there should be one man for one woman. How much difficulty there has been in the world because marriages fail and are replaced so quickly! It ought not be so.

Notice, God did not merely recognize what the man surely felt: something is out of order for there to be a lack of a mate for the man. Immediately, the man began naming the creatures on the land and in the sky. The first engineer is God, and the first scientist was the man He made, ie. Adam.

It seems the man was so busy naming the creatures and doing His God appointed task, that he got tired. There are many animals made by God, so this would have taken some time. Yet there was no match. Have you ever looked and looked and found nothing, and then you suddenly found what you sought after getting some rest?

This is what happened to Adam, he was so exhausted that he slept and slept deeply. It was as though his scientific endeavors served as an anesthesthetic. In that deep sleep, God took from his side a rib, or a part.

What is so significant about taking something from his side? Had God taken a toe, the man might have ruled over her. Had He taken the man’s hair, she might have ruled over him. Hand God taken from the man’s hand, he might have made her work all the time. No, God took from the man’s side, so that she might be beside him, near his heart, a companion next to him, a counterpart. They were to correspond to one another. They were a match designed in heaven, made on earth. The mind of God knew how to match the heart of a man and a woman, and so the man sang.

Clearly, the woman was beautiful and the man was refreshed as soon as he woke from his sleep, because he immediately sang a love song. Interestingly, this is the second love song. The first was when God made mankind. This reveals a mystery: As God loves mankind, so a man must love his wife. It will not always be easy, but it will be possible. God will heal the heart if we rest in him.

God heals the heart not by all these beasts of the field, though those are certainly nice. A bird cannot compare to a person, no matter now lovely the bird’s song. Any man worth any salt will know that a human love song truly sung between a couple has more heart in it than the song of any other creature. The dutiful dog is not delight compared to a wonderful wife.

Some speak of this as a time of innocence. And surely there was innocence: no shame. But the last sentence speaks of more when it speaks of two in the nude without shame. It speaks of love. While it does not say that they knew each other (there seems to be little mention of the word “know” apart from the tree and until after the curse), still the Lord brought the woman to the man and he sang.

The only time there is absolutely no shame when a couple comes together like that is when there is perfect love. Perfect love casts out fear and shame and anger and anxiety and sadness. There is a satisfaction in love, and the song the man sang indicated he was satisfied at last.

Are you looking for love? Where are you looking? Are you doing God’s will? Are you doing the work God has assigned for you to do like the man naming the animals? Are you following Jesus like the woman followed the Lord in the garden to her man? If you are lonely, look first to Jesus and do the work He has assigned you. I cannot guarantee you will immediately find a husband if you are a woman or a wife if you are a man, but you will find purpose.

Finally, do not look too hard for someone just like you. The man did not look for a man, but for one that was his opposite, his counterpart. The woman was not led by God to another woman, this would not make sense in God’s kingdom. They were not led to match up with boys and girls. Here we see a family beginning in seed-like form: a husband and wife meeting, called by God, made in His image, walking in love. It was paradise, heaven on earth. Multiplication requires diversity.

To close with, I would like to include a poem I sent to my wife before we were engaged. Her response made me realize that this woman who had been corresponding with me for years just might be the one who would correspond with me face to face one day.

Courage in a Raging Internal Environment
Send first to S.E.F. on November 6, 2000

When mourning dawns upon the whirling earth
and tears begin to stream the face of mirth
a cry erupts and breaks the dullness of
the eye: a plea for Son, “O Fiery Love,
Come warm the heart that’s borken by a soul
untouched by tender hands.” Alone, the sol-
dier marches on, his only food the fruiful day
that is to shine: a dream still far away
to eyes that cannot gaze upon the Light
beyond the freezing smog of sluggish fright.
Then pain, though thick around my mind, is pierced
by promise of a change in whether fierce
or fair the day shall be when met by
courage that internall foes cannot deny.

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Creation Comfort

In the beginning …

Those words are like an invitation to a fresh start. God started fresh when He began this world. There is minimal information about what preceded the earth, other than that when it all began, it was formless and void. Devastation and ruin and in the mist of that time where the Spirit was at work, brooding. The Word was preparing to move out into action. The Bible does not give us any description of potential other beginnings; it says, THE beginning. This was the time when God created the heavens and the earth.

All God had to do was speak and things happened. God is awesome!!

God said, “Let there be light, and there was light.”

Simple. Everything you see is light reflected or refracted through the universe, or perhaps an immediate revelation of Jesus as The Light Himself.

God is light, so the first thing God did was make light. What he spoke was accomplished exactly as He spoken. Precision. Beauty. Excellence. Good. Sun, moon, stars, and later rainbows and snowflakes are all excellent presenters of light. If you are in Jesus, you too are the light of the world. If the King of Glory shines in your life, the worldd will see you and reflect on the goodness of God.

Okay, light, but there was also life: plants were formed on the third day, later birds and fish on day five. The Life of God grows and spreads and multiplies. The life of God reaches the depths. The life of God soars on the heights. The life of God moves across the earth. The life of God reproduces after its kind.

In the DNA of every living thing, is the message of that creature. The message of human life is contained not only on the 23 strands of DNA in our bodies. The 24th strand of DNA is the revelation of Scripture. It serves to correct the mutuations of our sinful and cursed lives. The Scriptures were sent to bring blessing.

Indeed, humans were blessed in the beginning. Male and female were made to love. Light, life, and love. This community is something that governs the world. How? Simply by receiving and reflecting the love of God in creation. The male and female parts of the human race speak of the giving and receiving that take place between God and man, the Lord and Israel, Christ and His church.

Throughout the ages, there is interwoven, a mysterious dance of duty and delight we meets in the the Divine-Human encounter. The glorious mystery is hidden with Christ in God.

Notice that throughout Genesis one, there remain differences and distinctions, male and female, varying kinds, different days, etc. Yet despite all of that, it is very good in the end as all obeys the command of God. Obedience and conformity bring blessing when Christ is the shape of our soul.

God said, Let us make man in our image, in the image of God he made him. Male and female He created them. And He blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and rule over the birds of the air, over the fish of the sea, over the beasts of the earth and over every living creature that moves on the face of the earth and order it. He gave them every green plant and every seed bearing plant for food … and God said, It is VERY GOOD!”

Order is good.
Family is good.
Food is good.

The goodness in the world is best enjoyed when people, male and female, live to reflect not on their own glory, but to reflect the glory of God. Family must follow the divine pattern of male and female meeting on the basis of the image of God and in graceful respect and loving-kindness. Only then will order, family, and the meals we share be very good.

God rested.

At the end of it all, God is not just wanting to create stress. God is wanting to bring about a walk in the park. God desires for people to parade in his presence, not in pride, but in perfect purity and meekness. Instead of strutting, we must acknowledge that all our strength is in Him.

Then, we will find peace.

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Tear Not the Veil too Quickly

Why do you humuliate me like a slave girl,

who cannot run from her master?

I am a man of God, and should be honored as such,

And yet you drag me through the shame of the world.

Lord, wed me to yourself and let me see your face,

But do not let me be disgraced.

Tear not the veil too quickly when I turn to you,

Lest I blush in your splendid glory.

And yet, my heart pounds and my mind races rapturously

when you capture me

in your strong arm.

I want to be held,

only loose enough that I might wriggle free.

Take me not away too quickly,

draw me near to you and come quickly.

But let me hold my dignity …

Oh, I have nothing of my own, I’d trade it all to be with you again,

Do not leave me yet,

hold me fast, lest I must fast, and be torn deep within.

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Better Than Gold: Marriage & Ministry Metals.

There is an international race going on right now for gold, or silver or bronze. Or just the opportunity to race.

May I suggest that it is not enough in the race of life to race. One must finish. It is not enough to have bronze skin, one needs a golden heart. It is not enough to have a silver head of hair, one needs a platinum record of solid faithfulness. A golden ring is useless if it is tarnished by infidelity and incest. No, to obtain the prize, one must finish the race and finish well.

Likewise, when we are ministering, a plaque on the wall and baptisms are not enough. Babies dedicated and large attendance are not the measures God uses. God is looking for obedience.

Congressional Medal of Honor

Better to speak in love than to be honored with gold for how well you can speak.

Oh, that we would obey more closely. We may intend well enough, but we still fall short. What use is hollow victory? What use is wood, hay, and stubble? A fire is coming. Your ministry will be tested by fire.  The best way to make sure that you ministry survives fire is to minister in the fire.

Get into a regular pattern of discipline. I am not talking about routine fasting, early rising, or late nights of prayer. No, I am talking about enduring suffering as a good soldier. A good soldier doesn’t complain just because it is hard. He is honest about difficulty, yes. But a good soldier is part of an army of one where he function as part of a broader unity. A good soldier looks not only after his own comfort, but also after the comfort of others. He is not looking to advance in the ranks. A good soldier is wanting all the ranks to advance.

In ministry, the only way that this is possible is if we advance in prayer. We must seek first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness. God will take care of who gets the gold. Our job is to get God. He will not avoid us. He is not ashamed to be called our God. Pursue Him.

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Hope Deferred & Marriage for Former Muslims

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

I think of Islam as hope deferred and Christ as desire fulfilled. Christ in His Reign is living water on dry ground, causing the seed of the Gospel to sprout. But those sprouts which first shoot up must be cultivated and continually watered. 

I see the garden in our back yard which we entrusted to the Lord’s care for  a few days while we traveled to Canada for their day. They Lived!  How much more must we trust our souls into the care of our Maker that we might live and enjoy the fullness! 

I think of the many singles who used to be Muslims and who now follow Jesus who long to be married to a saint from their own culture. Their hearts ache and cry out. Hagar groans to be married fully. Sinai seeks her Savior, but is told, “Islam or else!”

Loneliness could have made the garden a desert, were it not for love that brought Adam someone to love. He had to sleep.  I remember all too well the loneliness I once experienced and the turmoil & sickness of soul it brought.

Love is costly. Let us pray for some who are already married to change their allegiance to Jesus (wives & daughters especially) so that future generations will be raised in the nurture & admonition of the Lord, from cradle to beyond the grave. Love never fails. If we love our brothers & sisters in the Muslim majority part of the world, we will pray for them to be put into families of saints (saved sinners).

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