Movements of Desire

I’m pulled from death and taught to walk
You hold me safe. My lips now talk.
You stole my chains and set me free.
You robbed the dark. Now I can see.
“Captive by my abiding grace,
Your former paths have been replaced.”

I taste a treat and first say, “Ahh!”
Too much I eat and then say, “Blah!”
I back away and have no more.
Is this the way I treat my Lord?
“Though this is how you’ve dealt with sin;
Come here, my child, again and again.”

A woman holds my eye, my ear,
My heart, my hand, and so my years.
But if all love is but for her,
I find my faith is weak, unsure.
“Though for another your heart yearns
For Me My child, come let it burn.”

Your flow of life has made me right.
All else is still. You share your life.
All else is dark. I see your light.
Lord, now I know that you are right.
For I’m in Christ, and Christ in I.
In this one way, I’m satisfied.

In deepest need comes compulsion.
From sin I’m freed with deep revulsion.
More than my other deep attraction,
In God alone is satisfaction.
In all movements of my desire.
Lord, draw me nearer, draw me higher.

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