Yemeni Jews and Jesus’ Plan

May “all those Jews from Sheba (ie. contemporary Yemen) come” fulfilling prophecy. Even more, may they praise the Lord Jesus as the saints in the land of promise minister to them. Isaiah 60:6

There is a new day dawning for Israel. Perhaps all those from Sheba will soon up and leave to make Aliyah. The survivors will scatter from Sheba, and the Savior will announce salvation at the ends of the earth.

Good News will come to Yemen. Be aware. Watch: Jews are connecting to Jesus in record numbers. There is more Christian witness going on in Israel by Jews themselves than ever before. More and more Muslims are realizing that the Holocaust was real. That it is wrong to persecute.

Even the famed Dr. Oz acknowledged the role of the Jews as special and the suffering as unjustifiable.

The curtain is drawn back. Oz is no longer in control. A greater Power is at work, even the most Praised A-Z.

They will come from the ends of the world and the nations acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus and learn the law from Jesus Himself soon at the feet of the King. Jerusalem will one day be a place where peace is founded.

I remember the first evening after the first Sabbath in September of 2013: I was with a group of people from nations derived from families around the world celebrating my 10 years of marriage. It was mentioned that Syria was entangled in war and that it looked like the American President Obama wanted to extend the war and American involvement in the land of Damascus. We paused the discussion and prayed. The conversation shifted into more quiet things and we forgot about it.

Later, one of the men from the church I participate in mentioned to me, “God answered your prayers!”

“What did I pray?”

“You prayed that we wouldn’t get involved in Syria.”

Folks, if we will begin to pray for the Lord to work in Yemen, the ends of the earth, He will. IF we will pray for Jews and Muslims to reconcile in Messiah Jesus, they will. If we will pray for heaven to meet earth in a new world, it will happen.

God’s word is true. He promised a new creation, it is coming. He is coming. Jesus will return. He is not waiting for the Mahdi or human manipulation. He is waiting for us to get right with Him. He is waiting for us to listen to Him.

Jesus is waiting for you. Are you waiting on Jesus? Are you serving the King who will soon reign? Are you preparing to meet the Prince of peace?

Peace will come. Jesus is calling you. He suffered for you. He poured out His life for you. He calls from on high speaking peace to those who are far and peace to those who are near. Will you come to Him?

Jesus cries in quiet whispers of the night.
Jesus weeps at funerals where hope is not held out.
Jesus sobs when youth resist His word of grace.
Jesus tears up when the religious insist on shrouds.
Jesus died for you.
Jesus loves you.
Jesus lives for you.
Jesus chuckles when the church insists upon His promises.
Jesus mocks when nations resist His awesome law of love.
Jesus laughs as newsmongers gossip about wars unwaged.
Jesus smiles when babes reach out to Heaven for His touch.

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