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Peace is Broken: for Emily D.

The one my King loves is shattered in a thousand pieces.
Lying on the ground,
unable to stand against the waves.
Sea glass washed upon the shores of heart & mind,
crushed strength & shattered soul.

I look beyond the shores of time
beyond the farthest stars
upon a Light I can’t yet see,
beyond the universe’s mars.
The stains shall fade.
The Light shall brightly shine.
And on that day the King of glory whole,
I’ll be wholly Thine.

For now I face the pain of
burdened back, aching feet, pained heart, humbled soul, & loneliness in crowds
I look this way and that,
Yet my blankets are but nightly shrouds
to shield me from the chill of winter
and the pain of frigid death.
Alone, I cower back, while marching forward
Hurting all around and deep within.

The songs of saints a comfort,
Their sayings distant memories.
A release from captivity shall come,
Though now I see it far,
Though now my heart is harmed.
One day my hope shall be won!

Now mere promise then.
Even less, the hint
of any sort of sin.
“Hail King!” I shall be with Him.

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Pray for all saints & souls at all times.

I remember a time a dear brother who worked in a retail health food store in a church I was pastoring requested prayer for his back. He had been my first employer upon my return to Arkansas and I worked at the health food store for a year. I think he later recommended me for the church where I pastored for a couple years.

He was the worship leader, but he had back trouble & NOTHING WORKED: chiropractors, expensive mattresses … NOTHING. The elders gathered & prayed. He was healed instantly as we prayed: Matthew 11:28-30, i.e. taking up the yoke of Jesus and finding rest.

That dear brother, my former boss, is now leading 3 thrift shops that serve a population of redeemed prisoners in Mississippi. God has promoted him from his own business, to the Father’s business.

This Holiday Season, do not be timid to pray for the saints with all kinds of prayers at all times. Who knows, they may be the one to win the people you love and who need love the most.

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Making Disciples on the Go

Every day when I go out on the bus, I am forced by the words of Jesus to ask, “Who and how will I make disciples today as I am going about my daily business?”

This is not about flashy campaigns or buttons. Slogans fail me. But there is a compulsion coming from the command of Jesus: I must make disciples. I have made few, if any, converts in my lifetime, but I have discipled quite a few. If not all of them were baptized by me, I have taken them one step closer (or more) to Jesus. It almost routinely requires that I go. Teaching to obey Jesus is the stuff of life.

The most dangerous aspect of this is that I must obey Jesus. I must take up my cross daily. I must choose the path that is despised by the world. I must choose the hard road rather than the easy road. I must embrace suffering now as the means to later reward.

Yet the suffering I face is not all that hard: occassional misunderstanding, risking rejection and snubs initially, being despised by those I love, poverty, long hours, etc.

These are the kinds of suffering that are not absolute. They are accompanied by joy, even laughter and singing. With this suffering and joy a comradery is built with others who have taken the hard road. It is the bond of brotherhood (sisters are welcome too) that is shared by the saints, of whom I am the least.

And so continues the story of the international fellowship of everyday saints.

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