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Win the Race by Resting

Win the Race by Resting

Based on the Sleep to Run blog entry in the Land of Nod by Shelby Harris and Paul’s metaphor of Life as a Marathon/Race.

Here are some ways resting the soul can enable you to persevere in life:

1. Resting is often neglected by those who plan to persevere, but sleep is central to success. Rest or ruin in the rush of life.

2. Many begin the race of really living life to the fullest by faith in order to overcome a bad habit, addiction or problem. Just as weight is reduced with good rest, resting increases the ability to combat the wait. Life is long: relax. The less you have to … wait … the faster you go.

3. Resting and relaxing enables you to absorb and store more of what you take in the day before the race. Restlessness ruins your memory needed to know the course of life.

4. Lack of sleep & rest & relaxation can lead to longer recovery times. In fact, many deal with crisis by long periods of sleep that the neglected earlier. Are you going to win the marathon of life? Then take time now to take it easy. Pace yourself.

5. In order to rest for the race, don’t stress. Focus on the finish line, but don’t fret about the field of fellow contenders.

6. People need differing amounts of sleep, when you don’t need an alarm to wake at a regular time, you know you have found your rhythm.

7. Abstain from addictions or excess as you rest and recline. To win the race, you can’t have cravings keeping you up at night. (Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, food, chocolate, even exercise are part of the stimulants.)

8. Avoid excess entertainment before you rest. The mind must be free to dream of bigger things and to wander the great beyond if you are to win the race.

9. If your soul cannot find rest, ask a doctor for help. Doctors need work just like runners. Doctors vary in methodology and philosophy, but a Good Doctor will care about patience.

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the prize. Run with others. You are not alone in this race; it is a human race. Live in love.

I’ll see you at the finish line!

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