A New Argument for Intelligent Design of Life

Various non-theists will often argue for evolution: i.e. unintelligent design.

Perhaps among these arguers are those who believe that unborn children are not true humans and should not be accorded human rights.

Perhaps among those who deny that the process of the origin of a human life is now intelligently designed (i.e. conception through birth, and even the love that procedes that and the life towards adulthood and towards the eventual decline into old age.) are those who have worked to design ways to destroy human life, i.e. abortion doctors, crafters of judicial decisions that permit abortion, administrators of abortion clinics. In other words, the very ones that deny that it takes divine wisdom to create life are often very active in destroying human life.

Whether one chooses to be on the Lord’s side and chooses for life, or chooses for death and so chooses for the devil, everyone must make a decision, using varying degrees of intelligence.

It may further be argued that much life can be destroyed quickly by devices designed by humans: i.e. weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons.

Now, I ask you, are humans greater than God? If we can destroy much life quickly, who are we to say that God cannot create much life quickly?

That is, if in the space of a week, Israel can wage a war and beat back Arab nations using weapons that kill, who are we to say that God cannot in a week beat back chaos and create much life and establish an earth that has plenty of room for all nations to live on?

I think you see where I am going with this: Human assaults on human and other life have failed to make a permanent dent in the purpose of the human race to fill the earth. However, there is more to the purpose of the human race than to fill the earth, we are to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God.

Such knowledge of the glory of God comes not through mere knowledge, but should include reflection on the glory of God in creation. Wherever we go, we should do as Adam did and explore with the goal of discovering the vast & intricate wisdom of God. We as humans should not make it our goal to do what Isis is doing and destroy the vast and intricate web of human relations. Each day you have a choice: serve our Father in heaven as Jesus did or serve the devil as Isis is doing.

Jesus cited the Holy Scriptures, from Moses onward, and His own teachings are recorded in the New Testament. We should study these deeply.

The Islamic State cites the Qur’an and the Hadith for the authorities. … Hmmm … those don’t seem nearly so life-giving.

Choose life. Choose the Lord of Life. Be filled with the Life-Giving Spirit.

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