Tikkun Olam – Repairing the World

Today I witnessed the repairing of the world.

Some years ago, a man who fought the tyranny of an oppressor of Israel married a local woman in his city in the Middle East. They moved to what is now my home town. Four and a half years ago, he passed away due to complications from unmanaged high blood pressure.

I had met the man almost a decade ago at a grocery store and gradually got to know his family.

Today began with a walk to pick up a moving truck as I listened to God’s threats of judgment to Israel through Jeremiah. After a short drive, we gathered for prayer, not least of which were prayers for more to come help and for good enough weather to make the move without getting the furniture wet.

A group of believers in the Messiah came together today to move the widow from one end of town in a high priced apartment to another apartment that is more affordable. People came from many different churches, bonded by the love of the Lord and a calling to help a widow.

The LORD listened.

People seemed to come from the East, the West, the North and the South to help the widow move. It was true religion. In a short time, all the furniture was in the truck and hauled across town to her new place.

The multi-talented group included engineers, a senior pastor, young and old, men and women, those with tools and those with sweaty hands and achy backs. We converged to reassemble the furniture in her new home.

The single mother’s children mainly watched and kept a curious distance. Furniture was put in place, arranged, and rearranged several times. The furniture pads were one by one put on the furniture for the move, jostled, and then put off the pieces of furniture then folded.

When the hostess was satisfied with where everything was located in her new home, she spread out the food. We read the Scriptures of the LORD blessing Abram and calling him to move to a new place.

We called on the name of the LORD.

We feasted.

We recounted the works of God: the threat of flooding rains had been stayed, the need for workers had been met, the health of all had been preserved, memories of past healings were recounted. Love was shared as friends, new and old, greeted one another.

Slowly the workers headed home to the various cities we are from. The truck was returned. I even had time to mow my own yard and sweep the sidewalk before the rain came.

When the rain came, it did not flood as the weather man had threatened. It was a gentle mist. I sat on a bench looking at the garden behind my humble abode: my wife had selected the plants with care and helped work with me to tend our own Eden.

Today, I am grateful for the suffering of the Lamb who was slain so that we might feast today.

Grateful for the Carpenter who worked on the Sabbath, repairing the world.

Now I go to bed to rest and dream of even more wonderful things.

This is what Tikkun Olam is all about.

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