Offering your Life and your Best

Today, after receiving a vision and waking, I sought the meaning of the vision from the Word of God. I had received a call to read 7:30-37 …? What? I searched and ended up reading the next section of Scripture from the Old Testament that my wife were in: Leviticus … 7:30-37. Of course, the blood is the Lord’s. This passage also highlights that the fat belongs to the Lord, but the priests received the breast and the thigh. As we read and prayed, it seemed the Lord was indicating that if we give God our life (blood) and our best (fat), he will supply and strengthen us for our service. This was a prayer I prayed about 1.5 years ago and have recently seen some circumstances indicating that this is happening. The supply is from the Lord. The strength is the strength that God supplies. We must simply give him all our life and our very best.

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