Unclaimed Property

Who has your "Unclaimed Property"?

Who has your “Unclaimed Property”? How will you get it back?

Currently, I am trying to claim some old property that went unclaimed for a number of years. It is a small amount of cash. (Probably to be claimed quickly by current commitments & needs of those organizations I know.) It seems like a lot of hassle to go through in order to acquire this small sum, but I am willing to do it because it seems worth it.

It made me think: How many people have unclaimed joy in Jesus?

No one has told them how call on the name of the Lord Jesus.
No one has told them to pray to our Father.
No one has told them how to ask for the Holy Spirit.

Where is the department of the church which distributes unclaimed blessings to the poor in spirit? Do we just cater to those who come to us for blessings, or do we actively go looking for ways to bless the nations which are digging for gold in empty mines?

It is more blessed to give than to receive. But first you must claim your inheritance of the Father’s blessings before you can give life to others.

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