To the Jews First and also to the Muslims

Israel & Her Neighbors will turn to the Lord!

Israel & Her Neighbors will turn to the Lord!

The priorities in Scripture, are: to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Some have noted that there is a historical pattern for the Good News to spread from Jerusalem west. Indeed, some Chinese even hope to carry the message of Jesus back to Jerusalem.

Here are a couple of links that connect things to this:

While historically, there has been some hostility between Israel and some Muslims, there is now a move by some Muslim religious leaders to condemn Holocuast deniers. Click Here to see the full story.

In Revelations, it addresses those non-Jews who claimed covenantal continuity with the Jews but were in fact not Jews. “Jew” derives from Judah, which means “praise” or “praised one”. Muslims who follow the teachings of Muhammed were for many years called “Muhammedan.” Muhammed means praised. “Muhammedans” then means “little praised ones” I.e. the same meaning as the Jews.

Are we then seeing the fulfillment of prophecy? Those who are circumcised and claim to follow the proper law and offering praise are honoring the Jews as the praised people.

It is odd that they are actually bowing towards Mecca though.

God is bringing about the reconciliation of the nations, but the perfect reconciliation happens when Muslims identify not by Muhammed, but by the Jewish Messiah. Then they will not only have the name of submitting to God, but actually be reconciled to God as they would be reconciled to their enemies.

In Israel’s New Disciples, you can read how many Israeli Jews are finding renewed vision to carry the Good News to both Jew and Arab in the land of promise. Indeed, more and more Jewish leaders in Israel seem to believe that before Israel turns to the Lord, there will be a significant turning to the Lord from among the neighboring Arab lands.

What would it mean if first Arabs turned to the Lord in increasing numbers and started evangelizing Israel? Jews would be provoked to jealousy to serve the Lord & believe the Good News.

What if then, Jews believed the Good News and started laboring to share the good News with their Muslims neighbors? Life from the dead!! It would require a miracle for Muslims to turn in such large numbers to the Lord, along with Jews. But God is able to do such miracles. I believe He will.

It will not be because of well planned strategies, but because of God’s mercy in calling many to pray and call on His name. Jesus will claim the hearts of many. He will be honored. The time is drawing near. Are you ready?

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2 thoughts on “To the Jews First and also to the Muslims

  1. Hi,

    can you please elaborate.
    Thank you

  2. Essentially, I believe that this is a step in the process of the fulfillment of Scripture whereby all nations will be reconciled to God in the Messiah.

    First: there were many Jews who reconciled to God. That was mostly before AD 100. Then successively Greeks, Latins, Celts, Goth, Brits, Norse, Slavs, …. there was an expanding influence of the Good News (Injeel) of Jesus Christ (Isa al-Masih / Y’shua Ha Meshiach) throughout the world to new peoples and places. Today, the remaining strongholds are a few Tribal cultures in remote areas, Hindus in India and Bali and the diaspora, Unreligious peoples in China and post-religious cultures, Muslims who follow Muhammed, Buddhist peoples who follow Guatama. Each major group has subgroups and smaller subcultures within those subgroups.

    God wants a diverse representation of saints in his realm from ever language and tribe and people and nation and kingdom to serve our God and to become the people of God and the Kingdom of God. It is happening.

    One of the prophecies of what would happen before the end of history is that representatives would reconcile and seek restoration to the full blessing with God by connecting to the Jewish people. (See the last verse in Zechariah 8 in the Hebrew Scriptures).

    In Romans 9-11, it is clear that when preaching to the Gentiles / non-Jewish Nations provokes the Jews to jealousy over their Messiah as they see that more and more Gentiles receive the Jewish Messiah [for example, the increasing numbers of Muslims who are submitting to the authority of Jesus as King and Comfort and Advocate and Author of life, indeed, as the Very Word of God] They will conform to the Messianic promise when not just many nations/goyim/gentiles believe, but also Jews/chosen ones follow along as well for the praise of our Lord’s glory.

    This is a mystery that is being revealed. It is a step in the right direction that Muslims are recognizing the reality and wrongfulness of the Holocaust formally. It will be completed when they recognize the unique honor the Lord of Glory has given to the Jews by giving them the Messiah to give to the Nations and then receive the Messiah.

    Can you imagine what joy there would be if many muslim background peoples would honor the Messiah Jesus so much that they would seek to encourage Jews in Israel/Palestine and in the diaspora to follow Jesus with them? What would happen if the remaining Jews in Muslim lands were protected and listened to for wisdom from the Word of God about the promises of the Messiah’s return? WOW!

    Life from the dead!

    And it will happen one day … maybe soon.

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