“Seek My Face” – The Heart of God.

Sadly, many times translations of the Bible overdo it on occasion. They add in words or alternate words that would be best kept a little closer to the text. Happily, these are rare. Psalm 27:8 is one instance where a literal reading of the present Hebrew text gives the clearest and most profound reading. I am using The Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia 1990.  The simplest rendering of Psalm 27:7-9 is as follows: 

Hear, O Lord, my voice when my voice cries

Have mercy on me and answer me.

“My heart says to you, ‘Seek my face.'”

Your face, O Lord, will I seek.

Don’t hide your face from me.

Don’t turn in anger from your servant.

You Have lived as my help.

Don’t leave and don’t abandon me,

O God, my Savior.

This is a Psalm of David. Psalm 27:8a is where translators mess up: essentially God is answering David. He says, “Seek my Face.” David has been seeking God and talking about building a house for God. Here David hears from God and God is saying Seek My Face. It is the Heart of God: I.e. the core of the creator wants us to look to the source of our visage. The Image is to reflect the Face of God. So then the Mirror cries out for God to look at the Mirror. What is neat about this simpler translations than the circumlocutions in modern English versions is that it helps us understands what Acts 13:22 is about when David is called a Man after God’s Own Heart. David is someone who obeys God in that He seeks the face of God. He realizes that he is a king, but he wants the smile of the King of king on his life for the King’s smile gives life.

Life is simple: we are to obey God’s intention & heart which is communicated through his voice&  the Word: God wants us to seek His face.

Where is that face found? In the person of Jesus Christ. As we reflect on Jesus, we actually are conformed more and more into the character of the Annointed. Through suffering, the Spirit begins to ooze out of our lives and into the lives of those around us, bringing healing. The effect of this healing is hope & comfort. It is a healing of our future as well as a soothing from past pains.

When an individual saint or corporate church meets God at the point of reflecting His glory, we are humbled and He is honored. Peace flows. Love goes where man cannot. Our God reigns on high and with the lowly in heart. The meek inherit the earth at this juncture of crying out to God & hearing His voice.

More than minds meet. We receive the Mind of Christ. The Kingdom of God is at hand. The Lord almighty is at work. The Eternal comes infinitely near.

Hallelujah!! Amen.

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