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Barriers to Joy & Peace

This Christmas, remove any barriers to joy & peace in your life so that you can share in the Love of Christ which is shed abroad in our hearts.

See if any of the following are blocking your capacity to love:

1. Bitterness & lack of forgiveness. If so, let go and forgive.
2. Lack of gratitude. If so, count your blessings.
3. Loneliness. If so, befriend the lonely.
4. Sickness. If so, go to the Doctor.
5. Ignorance. If so, study the Bible & hear a message on Jesus & be honest.
6. Feeling poor. If so, share something you have with others.
7. Hunger. If so, work with your hands and go to a Christian to ask for help buying food.
8. Fear of death. If so, repent of your sin & return to the Lord Jesus. He conquered death.
9. Worry. If so, pray in Jesus name and read promises from the Word of God.
10. Uncertainty. If so, do the one thing you know you last knew was the right thing to do.

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Cutting Words – Healing Hearts

Crushed, disappointed, insulted, rejected? ... Press on. There is more in store. Cry out to God for the promise to come.

Crushed, disappointed, insulted, rejected? … Press on. There is more in store. Cry out to God for the promise to come.

This post is dedicated to a young woman I spoke with recently, and to all who self-injure &/or have suicidal thoughts.

Sometimes in this world, people both old and young say things that are mean-spirited. Sometimes they say them simply to make themselves look good. It can hurt even worse when they say things just to hurt someone else. Either way, those words which expose how far short of perfection a girl or boy falls often lead to feelings of shame, loneliness, and hopelessness.

“Will anyone love me just for me? Does anyone really care about me? I want to be beautiful / handsome. I want to be strong / elegant. I want to be liked and appreciated. Instead my face is rubbed in the dirt.”

Sometimes fellow students tear down the weaker ones. It is after all easier to pick on those who won’t fight back.

Sometimes parents expect a cool perfection from their children. It is after all parents’ job to help their kids grow up to face the realities of the harsh world.

Sometimes bosses or co-workers can pressure a struggling worker to perform beyond capacity or even perform more than everyone else.

Sometimes other authorities can put pressure on those under their charge. NOTHING WE DO IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH, cries the hurting heart.

There are two most common ways to respond: In anger: lashing out at those who insult. In self-loathing, listening to all those voices that expose imperfection.

Imperfections that make us feel ashamed, can also add unique dignity to each of us. They are like the freckles that
Natasha Bedingfield sings about:

This reminds me of Jesus: sometimes people of His day talked about Him because He didn’t wash His hands. Sometimes people insulted Him because He was so confident that He had a special relationship with God. They hated Him because He worked long hours and healed the hurting and forgave the seemingly unforgiveable. Jesus forgave anyway.

In 1 John, it says that the spirit of the antichrist denies two things: 1. That Jesus came from God and 2. That Jesus came in the flesh. Taken to logical conclusion, the antichrist spirit denies the deity and humanity of Jesus.

So what? What difference does that make in how the poor kid who gets picked on in school feels?

When somebody treats you like you are not made in the image of God, that is the antichrist at work. If someone is despising you and all that you do, they are not doing the work of God but are serving the devil. Satan tries to get us to regret that we live. God gets us to regret that we have sinned. Lord, have mercy!

When someone treats you like you are not human with human feelings and an ordinary human body with human wants and needs, that is the antichrist at work. The antichrist expects a sterile sanctification. The Spirit of Jesus washes us with water from the Word, the Word of God. Lord, thank you!

And God’s word says, He loved us enough to send His own Son to cover over ALL our imperfections, sins, shame, and flaws. That is why Jesus was scarred on the cross and on the way to the cross was beaten and tortured, so that you and I could hold our heads up in dignity when the world, our old flesh, and the devil conspire to make us feel like we are useless and unwanted. He set aside heaven’s arms so that we could lift up holy hands and praise Him.

If people tell you that you are good for nothing and dirty: First, clean up if you are dirty. Second, be glad that you are clean in God’s sight. Third, forgive the people who have such dirty hearts that all they can see is filth.

If your own mind tells you that you are unloveable: First, separate the truth from the lie. While love is never “deserved,” anyone can be loved. God loves the least, the lost, the last. God loves you. Second, read promises in the Bible about how the Lord’s purpose is to bless and not curse. Third, receive God’s forgiveness for all your faults. He delights in you and rejoices over you with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV)
“The Lord your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in His love He will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing.”

We need to realize who is the source of all these accusations though: it is the devil, satan, that old serpent, the dragon. Satan hates you. God, however, loves you and delights in you. If you have persevered in reading this, I believe God is calling you to a deeper knowledge of His mercy. Consider reading a chapter from the Proverbs and a chapter from the Gospels every day. Or, develop your own plan for reading through the whole Bible in a year … and stick to it. God will speak to you in new and amazing ways. The lies of the devil will fade.

Maybe you are married and your spouse hates you and you feel miserable and you feel like giving up: Let me encourage you to keep loving and keep forgiving. God has a prize for those who persevere in marriage.

Maybe you feel lonely because all your fellow students or co-workers seem to despise you and ignore you or trip you up: Let me encourage you that you are special in God’s eyes. What you are learning is something teachers can’t teach you. You are learning what Jesus taught us, to love your enemeies. Don’t lose heart. Don’t give up: your work will be rewarded by the one who supervises all bosses and you are storing up for yourself a retirement that is out of the world.

God loves you. Jesus proves it. Live.

Now, about those who tear you down, how do you deal with them?

I must be 100% honest here: I am far from perfect. When I was a teenager, I picked on other students. Then, one day, a classmate I was picking on, told me off. They responded and told me to shut up, I was getting on their nerves. Maybe I was more sensitive than some bullies, but I don’t think so. When they talked back and said, “Shut up, it’s not nice, I’m not all that bad, you don’t have your facts straight.” I shut my mouth. I stopped insulting. Later, the Lord would fill my heart with Love, with the Holy Spirit as I started to regularly read the Bible and pray for the Lord to teach me how to love. God changed me.

Life is not easier for me, it is harder. But that is OK. It was not easy for Jesus, and He is with me when I face insults and injury, hospitalizations and hatred.

If you care to contact me, write to: MertAKA -at- everybody .ORG

Mert Hershberger

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Creation Comfort

In the beginning …

Those words are like an invitation to a fresh start. God started fresh when He began this world. There is minimal information about what preceded the earth, other than that when it all began, it was formless and void. Devastation and ruin and in the mist of that time where the Spirit was at work, brooding. The Word was preparing to move out into action. The Bible does not give us any description of potential other beginnings; it says, THE beginning. This was the time when God created the heavens and the earth.

All God had to do was speak and things happened. God is awesome!!

God said, “Let there be light, and there was light.”

Simple. Everything you see is light reflected or refracted through the universe, or perhaps an immediate revelation of Jesus as The Light Himself.

God is light, so the first thing God did was make light. What he spoke was accomplished exactly as He spoken. Precision. Beauty. Excellence. Good. Sun, moon, stars, and later rainbows and snowflakes are all excellent presenters of light. If you are in Jesus, you too are the light of the world. If the King of Glory shines in your life, the worldd will see you and reflect on the goodness of God.

Okay, light, but there was also life: plants were formed on the third day, later birds and fish on day five. The Life of God grows and spreads and multiplies. The life of God reaches the depths. The life of God soars on the heights. The life of God moves across the earth. The life of God reproduces after its kind.

In the DNA of every living thing, is the message of that creature. The message of human life is contained not only on the 23 strands of DNA in our bodies. The 24th strand of DNA is the revelation of Scripture. It serves to correct the mutuations of our sinful and cursed lives. The Scriptures were sent to bring blessing.

Indeed, humans were blessed in the beginning. Male and female were made to love. Light, life, and love. This community is something that governs the world. How? Simply by receiving and reflecting the love of God in creation. The male and female parts of the human race speak of the giving and receiving that take place between God and man, the Lord and Israel, Christ and His church.

Throughout the ages, there is interwoven, a mysterious dance of duty and delight we meets in the the Divine-Human encounter. The glorious mystery is hidden with Christ in God.

Notice that throughout Genesis one, there remain differences and distinctions, male and female, varying kinds, different days, etc. Yet despite all of that, it is very good in the end as all obeys the command of God. Obedience and conformity bring blessing when Christ is the shape of our soul.

God said, Let us make man in our image, in the image of God he made him. Male and female He created them. And He blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and rule over the birds of the air, over the fish of the sea, over the beasts of the earth and over every living creature that moves on the face of the earth and order it. He gave them every green plant and every seed bearing plant for food … and God said, It is VERY GOOD!”

Order is good.
Family is good.
Food is good.

The goodness in the world is best enjoyed when people, male and female, live to reflect not on their own glory, but to reflect the glory of God. Family must follow the divine pattern of male and female meeting on the basis of the image of God and in graceful respect and loving-kindness. Only then will order, family, and the meals we share be very good.

God rested.

At the end of it all, God is not just wanting to create stress. God is wanting to bring about a walk in the park. God desires for people to parade in his presence, not in pride, but in perfect purity and meekness. Instead of strutting, we must acknowledge that all our strength is in Him.

Then, we will find peace.

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Angela’s Aspirations

“God, steal the nails of rust within my heart.”

I wonder why God saves and heals
… perhaps because He works our weal.
I wonder why faith flounders, fails
… perhaps my flesh is weak and ails.
But when my heart’s aflame with trust
Then God does what He said He must:
The Lord comes near, reveals …
Christ frees us from our jails,
and lifts us from prayer’s hush.
I still my hurt
and wounded heart
in Him.

Psalm 46:10a

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The Confusion of Christ

There he goes, up from the river, into the back country. Nobody knows what happened other than what he says. He reports conversations with the devil.

Later, he would go into his hometown and speak about the Messianic Kingdom, in terms of fulfillment.

He refused to be a leader even when people wanted to make him one.

He chose to treated like a shepherd: despised, yet dealing with ravenous wolves.

He cared so much for those he tended to that he neglected to sit down for dinner. He was always talking about God and even talked about dying an early death, to the discomfort of his friends.

He knew those who hated him, but he still loved them.

He spoke against powerful leaders, yet was unafraid.

He promoted his mission shamelessly claiming that he would never leave his followers to the end of the age … and then he left … or did he?

This Jesus whom I talk about constantly is the Lord and Lifegiving Spirit.

Some run after visions in the wilderness only to chase this spirit or that spirit.
Others run after this denomination or that denomination.
A few claim to be the messiah themselves.
Personally, I am obsessed with the Man & Messiah: Jesus, Y’shua, Issa.

I cannot force him on anyone, but nor do I intentionally try to hide him. He has infected me with joy and I hope that that spreads to others. Sometimes I laugh at myself or the situation I am in, it is hard not to. Christ has conquered it all! Jesus really is King!

I lost my mind when I thought he was coming back in 3.5 days. Actually, he didn’t. Don’t worry, if you are reading this, you still have an opportunity to repent.

However, many people mistake the pictures of Christ for Jesus himself. They imagine Jesus to be a pleasant teacher who talked vaguely about intangible realities.

Actually, Jesus talked about life and death. He talked about sex and the dangers of sex outside the context of marriage. He talked about the risks of anger on your future. He talked about the failure of the day’s best religious trends to conquer the human heart.

Jesus claimed to be God.

He said, “Be before Abraham was, I am.”

A prophet is not just someone who confronts the age or opinion thereof, rather, a prophet is a God-guided & commissioned person whose words match the Life of Jesus and who emulates the life of God in their own walk.

I cannot claim to be a prophet, but I know that Jesus was more than merely a prophet.

He seemed confused to his family. His followers seem confused to the world. We face all kinds of difficulties, but those difficulties will be overcome through the blood of Jesus.

WHAT?? Human sacrifice is needed to cover our sins?

Yes. A particular sacrifice. A sinless sacrifice. A virgin’s sacrifice. Jesus.

No other way is available. We must tell the world about this. It must be told. We must tell everyone we can. We will seem like the village idiots when we confront sin. We will seem confused when we are so severe on self. We will seem stupid when we resist the ways of the world. But God’s confusion is more clever than the scholarship & psychiatry of the world.

Which will you choose?
Humanistic therapies & thoughts that lead to hell.
Hope from the Father that leads to Heaven.

I once asked a young man what NOT following Jesus was costing him.

His answer: Sanity.

How true that is. Not following Jesus costs you your sanity. You are crazy not to follow Jesus. Mental illness is all rooted in sin. Why is the Western World increasingly dependent upon worthless physicians? Because of sin.

Yes, you and I are sinners. We need Jesus to heal us.

Today is the day.

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8 Blessings of the Revelation of Jesus

Does this picture of judgments scare you or compel you to cling to Christ?

In Revelation, the last book of the Bible, you will find a lot of judgment, but the real purpose of the book is to bless.

Like a surgeon doing open heart surgery, Jesus in Revelation opens your heart to see how willing you are to be changed by His message. If you submit to His work, you get a new heart and the nations are purified in God’s presence.

So let’s march through these blessings to see how we can be blessed (Holman Christian Standard Bible used throughout):

1. Revelation 1:3 “The one who reads this is blessed, and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep by obeying what is written in it are blessed, because the time is near!”

This verse actually has 2 blessings, a double blessing, for the readers/hearers/obeyers of the Prophecy of Jesus. Jesus could come at any time he wants.  Right in the intro, Jesus wants his people to realize that.  Sure, he’s been gone a while, but he is working on a big city as the Architect and Builder and Carpenter from Nazareth who is God.  Whenever God gives a double blessing, it means that that person is a leader in the house and a special heir. Do you want to inherit a blessing from the Lord? Do you want to bless others? Then you need to pay attention to the Bible, and Revelation especially. To understand Revelation requires that you read through the Whole Bible and grasp the message of the Holy Faith. It is not for simpletons, but for those who come as obedient children, ready to do the will of the Father in the world.

2. Revelation 14:13 I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write: The dead who die in the Lord from now on are blessed.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “let them rest from their labors, for their works follow them!”

The context of this is that some serious judgment has already passed. The Lord’s work has built up some momentum. A harvest is coming in the next few verses.  Some think the Harvest is of judgment, some think the Harvest speaks only of evangelism.  The reality is that God’s evangelical Harvest  often best takes place in times of severe judgement. 
When people are distraught over Hurricane Sandy, the real work is not the re-installation of heat and electricity, but the reconnecting of people to the grace of the Lord Jesus. Plug into the Lord and you will be warm within. Even if you die, your work will carry on. How does that happen? Replication and multiplication. When we seek first the Kingdom of God & His Righteousness and lay down our lives for it, the storms of the world are nothing. Hell holds no terror for the saint who is safe in the Savior. We can rest at night if we rest in the Lord.

3. Revelation 16:15 “Look, I am coming like a thief. The one who is alert and remains clothed so that he may not go around naked and people see his shame is blessed.”

Laodiceans were naked and unalert. Much of the church today is unalert and unprepared for the Lord’s return. Do you want the Lord to come while you are having an adulterous affair or sodomizing or fornicating with someone? I sure hope not. The thought should be putrid to your thoughts. I think of the paparazzi. Do you want the eyes of the world to glare at your sins on the last day? Then guard your robe of righteousness by repenting of & confessing your sin immediately. Actually, while we are on the topic, flee from sin! Avoid tempting situations. Guard yourself. Take precautions. Be accountable. Don’t ruin your life. Be pure. It is interesting: Jesus who was anointed by a sinful woman and spent time with single and sinful women often, even alone at times in the record of Scripture, NEVER SINNED. There are #NoShortcuts. Don’t compromise. Don’t be paranoid and isolationist, but be honest with yourself and don’t think you are somehow immune to temptation. Be humble & pure and you will be safe as a new penny in a vault with one Banker.

4. Revelation 19:9 Then he said to me, “Write: Those invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb are blessed!”* He also said to me, “These words of God are true.” [*literal Greek rendering]

So there will be a marriage between the Lord Jesus & His people one day. We will celebrate the most profound, intimate union ever. To clarify any misconceptions, this is not going to be like a Chinese Buffet, where everybody loads their platees up with all the finest meat dishes to get the most out of their price paid. No, Jesus paid the price. He clothes the attendees with His own Righteousness. He satisfies our longings. There will not be 72 virgins for every valiant martyr! There will be one Lord for all: Jesus. And He is for all as well as over all. You can take it as a 100% verified fact that you will be happy when you realize you have been invited to celebrate with Jesus. Imagine: seeing God, touching God, tasting His goodness, smelling the aroma of His favor!  God is good all the time, and there will be a time when we will always be aware of God’s goodness.

5. Revelation 20:6 Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of the Messiah, and they will reign with Him for 1,000 years.

This is a specific blessing, hence the word “one.” This is for those who not only believe, but also keep the word. This is the theme throughout Revelation. Not just input into the person, but an output of love and life from the person. When Light begins to shine from a person’s life, then death is defeated in them.  They will one day worship and govern with Christ Jesus, Messiah and Lord.  This will last for 1,000 years. Now some will debate whether or not that is a literal period of time.  More important than that is that this is the first resurrection. If you are a doubter and don’t want any share in the first resurrection, then you can be part of the second (and last) resurrection. – The first is to life. The second is to death. Personally, God is in charge of making people live 1,000 years if that is His will. However, I want life, so I would like to be part of the holy resurrection of the faithful that will happen first. I want to be a leader, not a loser. You lead by following Jesus closely. You don’t lead by reading books and blogs on leadership and making strategic plans and executing goals and making lots of money and being persuasive. There are not seven habits of leaders nor is there a new book you can compose or compare to make you an effective leader before God. You must simply make it your habit to worship God now and govern your life according to the Word of God. You may never be popular now. You may be a secret saint known only by those who despise you. But if you are faithful, if you follow Jesus, you will lead.

Here, we must make a clarification. Many christians today are old covenant christians. They want all the blessings now. They want to be the head now (not the tail). They want to prosper now (not face debt and poverty). They pray only for temporal blessings.  They love money, health, wealth, prosperity and comfort.  They avoid persecution at all costs. They never speak up for Jesus, but for blessings.  They claim to be blessed. And if you looked at their situations, you would see why.  But the Bible is clear: the wicked prosper now. The wicked are comfortable now. The wicked are in power now. The saints are waiting for a more distant day. Oh, I fear for many leaders who impose old covenant elementary principles upon their people but do not point to the Principal of Peace. They will be disturbed on this last day. They lead now and will lose later. They love high places. They love to be prominent. They love positions of power. Woe to them!! They lead others into sin and go headlong into hell.  The make deals with the devil and will have no place in God’s court. May God be gracious to me and keep me from being puffed up in pride, but walk low in love at all times. May we inherit this blessing. The Bride of Christ is rejected by the world and betrothed to the Heavenly King. The Beloved of the Lord is hated by the world. May I find my place with her so that with her I may be glorified as one of God’s chosen people.

6. Revelation 22:7 “Look, I am coming quickly! The one who keeps the prophetic words of this book is blessed.”

I will give you a picture. I never know when I need access to the Bible, so I try to keep a small copy of the Word with me at all times. I try to hide God’s word in my heart, because I may need a verse to encourage a struggling soul. We cannot predict when we will need the prophetic word. BUT, if we guard the words of prophecy with our life, our life will overflow with prophetic words. Our lips will not tell lies, rather our hearts will be a library of love and devotion to the Lord. This is not just for preachers and professionals, this is for all saints. This is for you. God is speaking to you! This is your job. This is the 6th or 7th blessing, depending on how you count. It is man’s task to guard the Word and it is a perfect aim in life: to obey the prophecy of Scripture. This completes our work: to obey the Word of God with faith. Period.

7. Revelation 22:14 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by the gates.

Ah, so here we rest: clean and complete. Right at the throne of God. This is where the first Sabbath fell short: they did not eat of the tree of life. They chose knowledge. The Word of God is not about Knowledge, it is about obedience. It is life. The Lord speaks … We live. Jesus died on the tree. We live by participating in that cross, that rugged tree. Denying self and entering into the community of the redeemed, from every nation, tribe, language, people, and kingdom. People will stream from every direction. But they will head to Jesus. People will have labored in many different fields, but there is One who is our Rest, our Cleansing, our Hope. Come however you may, but when you approach the presence of God and the people of God, clean up your life. Do it now. Do it today! Don’t waste years on drink and drugs, lusts and pride, greed and your own needs. Jesus will meet your needs if you bring them to Him. He will satisfy you. Come. Come! COME!!

8. Revelation 22:21 The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen

While this does not literally have the word blessing in it, it is actually the substance of all the other blessings: The aim of the revelation is for Jesus Himself to be with the saints, the holy ones, those who are set apart for God’s purposes. So the question is: are you set aside for God’s purposes? Are you a saint? What is your core identity? Will you endure the endearing Word of God long enough to realize that the “harsh” words are there so you can truly receive the good Word with a sincere heart? I have focused on the “sweet” words in Revelation here. Let me encourage you to read through the whole book soon.

As we approach the end of the calendar, try reading through the end of the Bible (Revelation/the Apocalypse) and hang in there. Try seeing what the end of the world holds. History will come to a close one day, it would be a good idea to read ahead to the end. Claim your blessing by reading and applying to yourself the Word of God. I’ve done this at least once a year now for quite a few years. I’ve never been disappointed by the Lord.

I hope you find comfort in the words of Life.

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Missionary of Hope

The resolution of morality based on force of will is why the Post-Christian culture is not very critical of Islam as the source of the problem (or when it does, it does so to accuse and excuse, rather than in a confessional manner): The west also adores power. Left or Right, few are willing to take up the cross. And when we must take up the cross, we are too often embarrassed.
Forgiveness is powerful. I need more power, the power of forgiveness that is.
I wonder how many times we just treat the trauma of abuse in Islam but never minister healing to the heart because the full power of forgiving and being forgiven is not understood.
Abuse is also present in America, even in the churches. But it goes by different names. In need of revival, the shame is the same. The guilt is the same in both cultures. It is just when the trauma gets so intense, as is the case in Islamic cultures of people clamoring for status, honor, pleasure, goods, etc., when the oppression intensifies, the only way to protect the soul is by being ashamed of being a victim and pretending to be a victor.
I must confess, I often feel beaten but not defeated. I think I can understand Paul the apostle in this regard. True victory comes in persevering in the midst of trial and difficulty because of what Jesus has already accomplished. I will be forever thankful for what I have learned from the persecuted church: to count it all joy and to be honest about the struggles-because otherwise I too would be a pretender. As it is, I am the worst of sinners, and the least of the saints, and …I am a missionary, a missionary of hope.
This much like telling a blind man that there is light … until the sighted saint sees that better glasses will not do. The blind man has no eyes. Only by faith can the blind be healed. Only by faith can Muslims be saved. So I am also a missionary of faith.
Because doubt demands power, but trust enables kindness to be given and received, I would suggest that we should also be missionaries of love and loving missionaries. This is an impossible task. In this life there is so much trouble, it is not funny. Yet we rejoice because the little love we show points to a Greater Love, a Perfect Love, revealed through what Christ Suffered. He knows what it is like to be in a power-conflicted society and to answer demons of abuse and isolation and arrogance and confusion with the wisdom and grace of His Word. Oh, how precious is His blood which speaks a better word than the blood of Abel!
Life is not easy for me.  So thank you for letting me pour out my heart. And thank you for praying with me in view of the redemption.
Peace in Jesus, the Fount of all hope,
– MertH., everyday saint
I believe in one holy universal-Christian church.
I believe in the resurrection.
I believe in the forgiveness of sins.
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Hope Deferred & Marriage for Former Muslims

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

I think of Islam as hope deferred and Christ as desire fulfilled. Christ in His Reign is living water on dry ground, causing the seed of the Gospel to sprout. But those sprouts which first shoot up must be cultivated and continually watered. 

I see the garden in our back yard which we entrusted to the Lord’s care for  a few days while we traveled to Canada for their day. They Lived!  How much more must we trust our souls into the care of our Maker that we might live and enjoy the fullness! 

I think of the many singles who used to be Muslims and who now follow Jesus who long to be married to a saint from their own culture. Their hearts ache and cry out. Hagar groans to be married fully. Sinai seeks her Savior, but is told, “Islam or else!”

Loneliness could have made the garden a desert, were it not for love that brought Adam someone to love. He had to sleep.  I remember all too well the loneliness I once experienced and the turmoil & sickness of soul it brought.

Love is costly. Let us pray for some who are already married to change their allegiance to Jesus (wives & daughters especially) so that future generations will be raised in the nurture & admonition of the Lord, from cradle to beyond the grave. Love never fails. If we love our brothers & sisters in the Muslim majority part of the world, we will pray for them to be put into families of saints (saved sinners).

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